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Want more economic milling machines but with CNC? Then come to SINO.
Issue Time:2015-09-11

CNC vertical machining center are  expanding quickly in metal processing industry, as they can help to make the processing more precisely and more efficiently. There is also the occasion that when the user does not require for high precision, but they want the milling machine to have the same high efficiency on working performance. Thus here comes the CNC milling machine, that is a conventional milling machine equipped with the CNC system. It retains the feature of gear shifting, so the range of speed change is wide. Such CNC milling machine can be applied to many different machining work, what is more, the price are really very nice compared with VMC.

Currently, we SINO has around 10 models of CNC milling machine, with different types of spindle, different sizes of work table. The user can choose according to his machining requirements. 

There are XK5025B, XK6325, XK713, XK6125B, XK5042, XK6042, XK5032 and XK6132 etc. 

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