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Tips for weekly,monthly and yearly maintenance of CNC milling machine
Issue Time:2016-01-25

Weekly maintenance:

1. Clean the filter on heat exchanger, cooling pump and lubrication pump.

2. Check and see whether the tool pulling bolts are loosened or not and if the tool holders are clean.

3. Check and see if the mechanical origin of three axes are offset or not.

4. Check the ATC part and see if it works smoothly. 

5. If the machine is equipped with oil cooler, check the oil level and fill if it is lower than the index line. 

6. Check the set temperature of oil cooler, better set it between 26-28° 

Monthly maintenance 

1. Check and see the lubrication situation on the guideway of three axes.

2. Check and clean the limitation switch and touch block 

3. Check the oil level on tool cylinder and fill if needed

4. Check and confirm that the name plates for instructions and warning are clear. 

Half-yearly maintenance

1. Uninstall the protective cover on three axes, clean the oil tube connector, ball screw, limitation switch. Check and see the wiper blade on hard guideway are working normally.

2. Check and confirm each servo motor and head parts are normal.

3. Change the oil on oil pressure part and also the oil on gear reducing system on ATC.

4. Check and measure the clearance on each axes. Adjust the compensation rate if needed. 

5. Clean the inside of electric cabinet( when the machine is power off)

6. Check and see if all joints, plugs and switches are normal.

7. Check and adjust the Mechanical level.

Yearly maintenance

1. Check and see if all buttons are working.

2. Clean the cutting water tank, change the cutting liquid.

3. Check the vertical presicion on each axis and see if they need to be adjusted.

4. Change the battery.

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