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Shipment before cold wave
Issue Time:2016-01-26

On 1/20, a cold wave swept most eara of China. The temperture decreased to -12℃ in Huangshan city, most highways closed during the cold wave.

One order of 21sets of conventional milling machines are supposed to arrive at SHANGHAI Port on 1/26,which is in the time of  cold. Usually we can deliver them on 1/25, but in this particular situatuion a particular working plan was carried out when we get the news of cold wave on 1/18. The plan is that deliver this order on 1/19 to ensure timely arriving.

Packing workers worked 2 shift on 1/18, and 14 cases of 21 machines were delivered on 1/19.

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Just contact us, then enjoy the beauty of Husnghan Mountain in snow!

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