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Notice for maintenance on CNC machine during rainy season
Issue Time:2016-06-27

  In China, from June to July, it is called "Plum Rain Season", in which, the rainy weather takes the majority. So it is very wet and the humidity is very heavy in the air. We all know that the CNC machine tool requires a relative humidity of 20%~80%, so what we should pay attention to during rainy season? 

Firstly, better do isolation installtion of CNC machine tool if permits, this willbe helpful for future maintenance and protection on machine. 

Secondly, Connect the system to power constantly, and do empty running on the machine. So the humidity will be driven out by the heat given out on electrical components.

Thirdly, Close the windows and doors of the workship to prevent the humidity from coming in, especially in the morning and evening. And open them in dry weather for ventilation. 

Lastly, keep the machine quantity in a reasonable way and improve the working efficiency. 

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