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How to choose tool fixtures on CNC machine?
Issue Time:2016-09-21

Machine tool fixture is an equipment which is used to clamp workpiece on machine tool. It positions work piece, so that the workpiece will be correctly positioned against the machine and tool, and be clamped firmly. The tool fixture helps to gurantee the machining accuracy, reduces the unproductive time and improves the working efficiency; It enlarge the the application of the machine and reduce the workers' labor intensity. So, using the correct tool fixture is highly related to the machine's use efficiency.

We need to consider the following aspects before choosing a fixture:

1. Choose fixture that can be adjusted, combined fixture or other suitable fixture. But try not to use specialized fixture.

2. If for mass production, specialized fixture can be considered. Better be of simple structure.

3. It takes short time for clampling and unclamping. 

4. The fixture can be installed firmly, in order to secure the correct machining.

Here, we recommend to use the following three types of fixtures:

1. Combined fixture 

It is of building block system, which is composed of different fixture components. It is featured by high working efficiency, high positioning accuracy, high clamping flexibity, recycled using and low cost.

2. Combined high precision plain vice

It is widely used in this area. It is featured by wide application, high standardization, easy operation and reliable clamping.

3. Electric permanent magnet clamp

This is a modern fixture which is designed based on principle of magnetic circuit. It can highly improve the working capacity of CNC machine tool and machining center.

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