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Booming demand, estimation of production capacity of CNC machine tools in future 5 years
Issue Time:2017-02-09

  CNC machine tools are playing a basic role in the modern manufacturing system. So the strength and performance of them determines the outcome of above manufacturing mode.In recent years, the demand for CNC machines in China are rising quickly.Prospective institute expects that, in the future 5 years, the CNC machine industry will keep a quick rising mode.

   From the structure of CNC machine, The rising of metal cutting machines are much more obvious.In 2016, the total production capacity of metal working machine tool is 0.78 million sets, which increased 2.2% compared.While in 2017, the number will expected to be 0.8 million. And the compound growth rate is about 3.47% for 2017-2021.In 2021, the quantity will be about 0.85 million.

    The production capacity of metal forming machines in 2016 was in a U posture.According to data, the total volume is 0.318 million sets, with a increasing rate of 4.3%. The expected data for 2017 is about 0.335 million sets. And the compound growth rate is 6.33%. In 2021, it will reach 0.389 million sets.

  “CNC machine tool industry market demand forecast and investment strategy planning analysis report”points out that, some industry may stay in depression because of excess production or macroeconomic control; Equipment manufacturing industry will have a certain high rate of increasing, especially those industry who is inspired by government. So as the master machine tool of equipment manufacturing industry, CNC machine tool will have a stable increase. 

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