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Dealers Conference 2017
Issue Time:2017-03-15

On 11th and 12th of March, very significant days for us Wannan as we held our yearly dealers conference of 2017.

In the conference, our president welcomed all the dealers and expressed our thanks. Thanks to their so long time support that we Wannan now had been highly recognized in the machine tool market. And We will continue to offer with best quality and service.

Meantime, each line managers made presentations on their new products. Catering for customers needs and meeting marketing requirements is always our pursue.

After the conference, all dealers had a on site tour in our workshop. They were very impressed by new new changes and the busy working state in the workshop. It will give us much confidence that I see my ordered VMC1165 is being produced. The workers work very carefully One new dealer said and he would make more promotion for Wannan products in future.

Others also agreed that this conference created a good chance for direct communication with us.


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