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Chief engineers' one month training in Japan
Issue Time:2018-02-26
In past years, we got big development not only on the turnover and sales market, but also on the new product researching and developing ability. But we can deeply realize the technical gaps between Chinese CNC machine tool manufacturers and other countries, such as Germany, Japan even Taiwan is still big. So since last year, SINO CNC started to contact with JAPAN local research institute which consists of many experienced experts who worked in many big CNC machine tool company before.

So we sent out 3 young but experienced engineers, the medium-level management, the leader of each production line to have one month training in Japan. To see, to learn and to feel the Japan CNC machine tool culture.
Based on their experience, experts gave a very detailed training on the whole produce procedure, which includes the announcements of design, procurement, assembly and a whole set of SOP. 
We two companies cooperate together to develop a new VMC type which can be widely used in China high-end market.
SINO CNC collected the common problems and discussed during training which helps us a lot to improve current machines.
Japan experts analyzed and pointed out the developing trend of Chinese CNC machine tool market and bring us a few years in advance in designing compared with others. 

It is important to stand together with front-runner.
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