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Testing samples made on SINO CNC machine
Issue Time:2018-03-21

Due to the good stragetic partnership with FANUC company, they often sent engineers to be involved in our machines’ optimization and improvement.

We just finished the cutting test on V8 machine. 

Mercedes-Benz mold

Mercedes-Benz mold is Europe mold machining standard testing sample. This sample merges into many features of injection mold(such as gating, runner, common curved surface ,plane surface and inclined surface of car body features and so on). Mercedes-Benz mold can show machine mold machining performance.

According to Mercedes-Benz mold typical features, select some test points to evaluate( see the following pictures). These points include plane surface, curved surface, edges and corners, which can reflect machining questions, such as wire drawing, light and dark lines, over-cutting and so on.

FANUC  standard mold

FANUC mold ( F mold) is designed by Japan FANUC company. It is a testing mold with comprehensive evaluation of machine mold processing( high taste machining).

   The mold standard size is 100 x 100 x 40, which contains many features and can test plane surface, curved surface, corner, arc machining performance. 

   SINO machine overall performance is good, lines are clear and even, with no over-cutting, no light and dark lines. All 7 test are fit for standard technical requirements.

Face mold

It is constituted by complex curved surface( such as big curvature curved surface, changeable curvature curved surface and so on). The program is large amounts little line segments continues machining, which can test machine continues little line segments machining and the performance under frequent acceleration and deceleration.

     SINO Machining surface is smooth and delicate, with no obviously wire drawing, no over-cutting on eye, nose and mouth.

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