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Annual summary meeting of 2018
Issue Time:2019-01-09

On 5th and 6th of Jan,2019. We Sino held the annual summary conference of 2018. 

To our great joy, the total sales volume reaches 76 million USD in 2018, which was increased by 17% compared with 2017. It means we Sino are keeping moving. 

In the meeting, all the sales managers, department leaders and vice generalmanagers made their debriefing of 2018.

Our president Garret made the final conclusion, we were happy to see the great achievements on 2018. However, we also need to keep alert. The decreasing in market in the next half year of 2018 is witnessed, meanwhile, there were still some root problems inside the company. How can we be outstanding in 2019 while the external environment is of so much uncertainty. First we must solve the existing problem inside so we can withstand the impact; And secondly, Work just like our Chairman Mao said, surround the cities from the countryside , try our uttermost for each chance and seize it. We belive through the hard working and our concerted efforts, we wil have a bright 2019 and future. 

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