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Sino morning conference competition

Sino morning conference competition

Issue Time:2022/05/11
Sino morning conference competition
    Last week, our company held a morning conference contest. All groups of production-line workers participated. Each group showed their way of morning conference. Some together sang a song with encouraging lyrics, some did a morning exercises to start a day with energetic spirit, some emphasized their daily work contents and tips for improving. 
Morning conference, as an important part of TPM management, it shows the outlook of whole company. Its advantage can be summed up as below: 
1. The values of the unified team:
Through the morning conference, the advocated behaviors are commended and encouraged every day, and the objected behaviors are resolutely punished, so as to root the values in the minds of the team members.

2. To ensure the realization of strategic objectives:
The strategic goals of the enterprise are refined from time to year, month, and day, and can only be gradually realized when they are implemented piece by piece. And the morning conference can be used to implement the completion of the strategy by reviewing the progress of the team's daily work.

3. Deployment key tasks:
Deploy and emphasize the focus of the day's work to ensure that each team member is aware of it, and at the same time facilitates mutual cooperation.

4. Boost employee confidence:
A good mental state is the premise of efficient work. Team leaders should make good use of the morning meeting to promote positive energy and enhance the confidence of employees.

5. Cultivate a vigorous and resolute style:
Summarize the work of the previous day every day, so that employees realize that the work must be implemented, and develop the habit of being goal-oriented and working without excuses.

6. Promote the improvement of member skills:
Through the sharing of experience and lessons from the work of team members, other members are urged to learn from and apply.