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Our president Mr.Garret visited Beijing Fanuc

Our president Mr.Garret visited Beijing Fanuc

Issue Time:2021-02-27

Our president Mr.Garret visited Beijing FANUC

In the first working week after Chinese New year holiday, on 24th and 25th ,Our President Mr.Garret and our Vice General Manager Susan visited Beijing Fanuc. Sino has built a strategic partnership with Beijing Fanuc for more than 10 years and also Beijing Fanuc witnessed the growth of Sino from a new comer for CNC vertical machining center to current one of top 3 manufacturers of vertical machining center production quantity in China.

During this visit, Sino and Fanuc reached a higher consensus on mutual cooperation in this new year 2021. Deepen communication and views exchange will be carried out on business management, resources sharing and technical support and so on.