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Advantages of slanted bed CNC lathe

Advantages of slanted bed CNC lathe

Issue Time:2022/03/17
Advantages of slanted bed CNC lathe 
Slanted bed CNC lathe is a relatively comprehensive precision CNC lathe, which not only has high precision, but also is more durable and better practicability. Therefore, this type of equipment is widely used in industry of aviation, electronics, clocks and other fields, especially for parts with high precision, multiple batches and complex shapes. Slanted bed cnc lathe ensure the manufactured parts to be The required accuracy can be achieved.

Comparison of inclined bed CNC lathes and flat bed CNC machine tools:

Now in market, there are two kinds of common CNC machine tools: flat-bed CNC lathes, also called economical CNC lathes, or simple CNC machine, and another type of slanted-bed CNC machine, also known as popular CNC lathes and Full-featured CNC lathe. According to our analysis of the two types of CNC machines, it is not difficult to find that the CNC lathe with slanted bed is more advantageous compared with the CNC lathe with flat bed. 
From the point of view of use, although both flat bed CNC lathes and slanted bed CNC lathes can be used for CNC turning, the specifications of the parts that can be processed are different. CNC machines are mainly applied to realize modern mass production, which is characterized by automation and can reduce a lot of repetitive manual labor. Flat bed CNC lathes are formed by simple CNC transformation of ordinary lathes, so they are often difficult to have automatic control. 

The CNC lathes with slanted bed are different. They are mainly designed based on the basic principles of CNC machining and have strong pertinence. In terms of the layout, rigidity, precision, and chip removal ability of the machine tool, compared with flat bed CNC machine tools , there are obvious improvements.

The slanted bed CNC lathe is equipped with a multi-station turret or a dynamic turret, and the machine tool has a wide range of processing performance, which can process linear cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs and various threads, grooves, worms and other complex workpieces. Interpolation, arc interpolation various compensation functions, and play a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.

Conforming to the market trend and requirements, currently the two Sino models of CNC lathe are designed in slanted bed. And in the same token,they are able to fulfill different types of machining job.